Pharmacy Information System

Pharmacy Information System

Automation System For Pharmacy

DrHMS Pharmacy Management System is a stand-alone software and fully integrated with HIMS to manage drug dispensing, their stock management and also control functions of a proper pharmacy outlet. This software Receives the prescription from the consulting doctor and reflect automatically into dispensing unit to respective patient without any manual Intervention. The drug stock /inventory have provision for FIFO and LIFO dispensing and work as per the requirement. The batch nos., mfg.dates, expiry dates, drug interactions and all the other details are displayed to avoid the wrong dispensing. Stock levels can also be maintained as per the policy of the hospitals. It is complaint with all authorities.


DrHMS Modules

Suitable for any Pharmaceutical Setting

DrHMS PIS suits all kinds of pharmaceutical procedures and requirements and can be deployed in both inpatient and outpatient settings. The system has a wide range of functions to keep up the supply and organization of medications. It tends to be a separate framework for drug store use only or it can be coordinated with an inpatient hospital computer physician order entry (CPOE) system. A PIS combined with a CPOE enables a simpler exchange of information.

Complete Technical Support

Hims  is utilized to diminish prescription errors, increase patient security, report usage of drugs and track costs. Inpatient PIS takes care of the processes within the hospital setting, while outpatient PIS in-home settings serve for clinics, discharged patients, long-term care facilities and home health care. A large portion of the utilization and abilities of the PIS is comparative for inpatient and outpatient settings. However, the outpatient PIS has a stronger emphasis on drugs labelling, medication warnings and directions for the organization.

Electronic Record

The administration of medication is reported either electronically or on paper. This record is prepared by the pharmacist and used by attendants. It monitors what drugs are being given out. Our PIS keeps track of the medicines that are taken out of the supply when the user utilizes an override mechanism by bypassing the doctor’s recommendation. It also recognizes when there is a discrepancy in drugs available associated with what is reported as being removed from the supply. This facilitates follow-up in real-time to find out the reasons. The capability for the PIS to link to different systems allows for CPOE. This implies that the pharmacist can receive lab results to change dosages of medications based on the health condition of the patients.