Lab Information System

Lab Information System


DrHMS-LIMS is a powerful cloud enabled Laboratory Management System (LIMS) that enables Labs and Diagnostic Centers to manage the complex process, ensure regulatory compliance and promote enterprise collaboration. A fully featured web based software which allows to operate pathology lab through intranet / internet.

DrHMS-LIMS comes with in-built masters list of single, combined test, profiles, reference ranges, test notes, report templates ,formats supporting testing. Digital Signatures, auto SMS & email facilities, Web Reporting system, send out lab management facility.

DrHMS-LIMS comes with auto generated Barcode scanning and printing module. It is ready to be interfaced with all type of Laboratory instruments and is HL 7 complaints.

Automation in Labs

Labs that seeks to gather samples, process and deliver reports to patients on-time can be benefitted from the Laboratory Information management system (LIMS). It functions as an interface between the lab faculties and the database where all the data and fundamental details are stored. This incorporates all the tests conducted below a specific facility.

A Unique Healthcare Solutions

Similar to any other industry, the healthcare sector is not independent. Since this is a consistently developing industry there’s no halting for the obstacles that emerge or the solutions for it. One such medical care solution is the Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS). The Laboratory management system has been solving industry-related problems, over the past couple of decades.

DrHMS Modules

Benefits & Features

  • Patient Registration
  • Referral Doctor Management
  • Billing
  • Referral Clinic management
  • B2B Customer Management
  • Insurance Management
  • B2B Billing CPOE Management
  • E-claim Submission and Payment
  • Sample Collection
  • MIS Report
  • Barcode Generation
  • SMS and E-mail Interfacing
  • TAT Management
  • Workload register
  • Asset Management
  • Lab Machine Interfacing
  • E-Ticketing System
  • Test Result Entry
  • Quality Management
  • Test Result Approval & Rejection
  • Insurance and Pre Approval facility
  • Result Dispatch
  • Analytical BI Dashboard
  • Inventory Management
  • Result Correlation
  • Auto Consumption for Consumables