Hospital Information System

Hospital Information Management System

  • If you are a Hospital enhancing the lives of hundreds of patients every day by not being well-equipped with technology, then it will be very difficult to manage when another scenario like coronavirus occurs.  
  • HealthEzzy Hospital Information Management System is a comprehensive cloud-based software solution to organize and manage all the operations of a hospital smartly and effectively.
  • HIMS software offers multi-level data and information security that is fully GDPR compliant to protect the data at the cloud, application, and device level.
  • Furthermore, Our HIMS software provides controlled access to patients, pharmacists and medical representatives. Patients can see lab results, history online, securely chat with physicians and schedule the next appointment.

Appointment Scheduling Module

The Appointment Scheduling Module makes the process of scheduling patient and physician appointments easy. It creates a schedule based on when physicians are available to see patients, then displays appointment slots for patients based on physicians schedule and manages the patient queue through the hospital when the patients visit for their consultation. With this module, it is effortless to see a physician’s available and blocked slots, track patients, plan appointments for unregistered and emergency patients.

DrHMS Modules

Suitable for single & chain of diagnostic centers

DrHMS-eLabs is a powerful cloud enabled Laboratory Management System (eLabs) that enables Labs and Diagnostic Centers to manage the complex process, ensure regulatory compliance and promote enterprise collaboration. A fully featured web based software which allows to operate pathology lab through intranet / internet…

Suitable for single and chain of specialty clinics and nursing home

DrHMS eClinic is medical management software.This customizable medical practice management system include Patient Care Management, MobileApp, Schedule Online Appointments, Secured Messaging, Portals, Billing Insurance, Lab, Radiology, Pharmacy Management, HR, Payroll etc. DrHMS – CMS is a complete medical practice management system best suitable for medical clinics, individual medical practitioners, nursing home and small hospital…

Suitable for single and chain of multi-specialty hospitals (100-1000 beds)

DrHMS is a Healthcare Management System Software designed to manage all aspects of a hospital Operations. This customizable hospital management system is an integrated healthcare solution which includes Outpatient and Inpatient Management, Pharmacy, Laboratory, Radiology, Ward Management, Mobile Application for Patients, Mobile application for Doctors & Clinician, Online Appointment Schedule…

Suitable for all HRMS & Financial solutions.

eHRMS facilitates all functions of the Human Resource Department that deals with recruitment, employees’ management, payroll, performance, training etc. ProHRMS increasing the efficiency of the department by standardizing HR processes.

Benefits & Features

  • Patient Registration
  • Appointment and Scheduling
  • Insurance Medical & Technical Audit
  • Health Insurance Management
  • Treatment Plan Management
  • E-claim Management (Submission & Process)
  • Insurance Payment & Contract Management
  • Billing Module (Cash, Insurance and Corporate)
  • Package Management
  • Doctor Workbench / Nursing workbench
  • Pharmacy Management
  • Referral Clinics and Doctor Management
  • Promotional Scheme Management
  • Insurance API Integration (BUPA & WASEEL & Others)
  • Electronic Medical Record (EMR)
  • Asset Management
  • eTicketing System
  • Laboratory Management System(LIS)
  • Radiology Management System(RIS)
  • Inventory / General Store Management
  • Auto reconciliation facility
  • Statistics Report & Audit Trial
  • E-claim Management (Submission & Process)
  • CPOE Order & Approval Process
  • Analytical BI Dashboard
  • SMS & E-mail integration & Audit Trial
  • Ophthalmology EMR & Lense Prescription
  • Lab Analyzer Integration
  • RIS/PACS Integration
  • Injection OP and Drug Administration & Clinical Note Taking
  • e-Prescription & Approval Process
  • Dental EMR & Dental Tooth Chart
  • Management (Security workflow)