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Why DrHMS?

About DrHMS

 DrHMS is patient-centric solution, capable of coordination the delivery of multiple healthcare services. It helps to achieve revenue enhancement, cost containment and excellent patient care, assisting healthcare institutions to rapidly move their enterprise towards a niche patient care environment-all without installations, including some of the large corporate hospitals, teaching hospitals and government-owned Hospitals are testimonial to the expertise and experience that is encompassed by the CloudStar Systems LLC.

Suitable for single & chain of diagnostic centers

 DrHMS-eLabs is a powerful cloud enabled Laboratory Management System (eLabs) that enables Labs and Diagnostic Centers to manage the complex process, ensure regulatory compliance and promote enterprise collaboration. A fully featured web based software which allows to operate pathology lab through intranet / internet…


Suitable for single and chain of specialty clinics and nursing home

 DrHMS eClinic is medical management software.This customizable medical practice management system include Patient Care Management, MobileApp, Schedule Online Appointments, Secured Messaging, Portals, Billing Insurance, Lab, Radiology, Pharmacy Management, HR, Payroll etc. DrHMS – CMS is a complete medical practice management system best suitable for medical clinics, individual medical practitioners, nursing home and small hospital…

Why ProHRMS?

About ProHMS

ProHRMS facilitates all functions of the Human Resource Department that deals with recruitment, employees’ management, payroll, performance, training etc. ProHRMS increasing the efficiency of the department by standardizing HR processes.

Employee satisfaction

ProHrm Human Resource Management system assists hospitals to take care of employees, and employees can focus on taking care of patients. We help in managing employee schedules with care and professionalism and keep hospital employee information organized while promoting good practices in many areas.

Improved work system

ProHrm gives 360-degree performance reviews that allow feedback about employees to be gathered from many sources for a more accurate assessment. Since the information is kept within the system, it can be used to determine training needs and assign training modules.

Why E-Assets?

About eAssets

Automated inventory management enables clinicians to maintain patient focus, freeing them from manual processes. Asset and inventory management solution reduce costs, while increasing the quality of patient care.

Improved patient care

The stress of hunting for a needed device – and the hoarding that often results – is eliminated. Search times can be reduced by more than 90%, from 30 minutes or more to as little as 2 minutes. The system shows not only the location but the status of each device, so that biomed and other teams can plan preventive maintenance and order fulfillment with maximum efficiency.

Optimized asset utilization

Ultimately, the DrHMS e-Asset solution gives you total visibility to where and how each asset is being used, enabling you to optimize asset workflow and achieve real-time PAR level visibility and more efficient asset management for high-demand and highly mobile assets. It’s the most efficient possible use of your resources while ensuring the best patient care.